Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Weekly Recap

I know it's been a while since I've posted. I've just been caught up in the business of being a mommy, I guess. But there have been a couple of noteworthy occurrences so let's recap:

Baby's Bouncy:
I bought the baby a new bouncy. Well, that's my word for it anyway. It's really more of a stationary walker-type contraption that he can sit in and bounce. His feet touch the floor, and when he's able to do so, he'll be able to turn 360 degrees in his seat. There are toys all over the tray and overhead for him to play with, and it plays music every time he touches one of the toys. He loves it! He still prefers his fisherprice playmat, but I think that's mostly because he's got a bit more growing to do before his feet are completely flat on the floor. I prefer the bouncy because it keeps him sitting up instead of on his back all the time. He can see more of what's going on around him and I like that. Watch for my review of this product coming soon to my review page.

1st rollover:
Over the holiday weekend we had a lot of places to go, people to see so we were in and out of the house quite a bit. While I was getting ready for one of these outings, I had to put the baby down on his playmat for a few minutes. Here's what happened next:

Hubby, on his way down to pull the car around ~ "Did you dress AK yet?"

Me ~ "Yes."

Hubby ~ "Ok, I'll be waiting downstairs when you're ready."

Hubby left and five minutes later I heard the baby fussing. I went to get him to put him in his car seat and saw him on his tummy on the mat. Why did hubby ask if he was dressed, I thought. He must have seen the baby when he put him on his tummy. Weird. Anyway, I packed up the baby and left to get in the car.

Me ~ "Why did you ask if the baby was dressed? Didn't you see him when you put him on his tummy?"

Hubby ~ Crickets

Me ~ "Well?"

Hubby ~ "I didn't put him on his tummy."

Me ~ Crickets

Lil man did his first rollover and we both missed it.


1st Bout of Jealousy:
During one of our holiday outings, I was holding my friend's baby on my lap. This baby is about a month older than my son. My sister-in-law was holding my boy on her lap, directly across from me. Well, AK saw me cooing and cuddling with this other baby, and he was not happy about it. Long story short, he started out with a little scowl on his face, and ended up with his bottom lip stuck out to there in the most pathetic little pout I've ever seen. When his bottom lip started to quiver, I lost it. I started crying. Really, I was sort of crying and laughing at the same time - crying because I didn't want to hurt my baby's feelings, and laughing because, well, it was so silly for me to be crying over something so ridiculous. Anyway, I gave the other baby back to his mommy and scooped mine up, and all was, once again, right with the world.

So there's my recap.

How was your week?



  1. What a cute recap! Savor these moments, they are so precious. Thank you for coming by my blog today and offering your support. Everyone's comments have been very kind, thoughtful and understanding.

  2. Aw he's mobile! He'll roll over plenty more times. Then he'll be shimmying off the bed and getting into your dresser drawers. The real fun begins! I remember the first time Marlie got jealous when I gave attention to another baby. I was watching my friend's son and put Marlie in her crib so I could change his diaper. She threw such a tantrum! That's why I'm not sure she'd tolerate a lil sis or bro.

  3. Hey lady! It's always nice to "meet" other mommys from my neck of the woods!!!