Friday, May 21, 2010

Mommy Milestone #1

Baby boy got his 2-month shots today.

I was so nervous for him so hubby had to be the one to hold him for the nurse while she gave him his shots. He cried like I knew he would but only for a minute and then he was done. Actually, he was smiling right afterward.

Three shots in the leg and my lil man was smiling!

He's such a big boy already!

This was one of the first big mommy milestones and overall I think I did pretty well.

Ok, so I wasn't the one holding him while he got his shots. I hate needles so I couldn't watch my baby get stuck and then cry. But I didn't cry either, (not out loud anyway), and that was because I wanted to stay strong for my lil man.

I'm so proud of him, and truly so proud to be his mom. Not because he didn't cry too much but because he innately trusts us enough to know we're there to comfort him when he needs us.

It was hard to hear my baby cry but I had to be there, and I'll continue to be there for him.


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