Thursday, June 17, 2010


In the last 3 months AK has learned to fold his hands, hold his head up, and bat at his toys. He's grabbing things and talking, and even sleeping through the night. And last night during play time he laughed out loud.


He loves to chat with me about his day. He gets just as excited about a poopie diaper as I do, and his favorite thing of all is getting wrapped up in a towel after his bath.

All babies are cute. But I had no idea I would be so utterly captivated by the toothless grin that greets me each day when I push back the hood of the bassinet and say, "Good morning."

He gets so happy when I say "I Love You". He pulls my hand to his chest and raises his head so I'll pick him up. And when I have him in my arms and hug him, he hugs me right back.

He has singlehandedly swept me off my feet.

I. Am. In.

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